Airfree Air sterilizers are a breakthrough in home sterilization, because they do not merely trap micro-organisms but actually destroy them by incinerating them. Airfree Air sterilizers are truly unique.

It is accepted that indoor quality is 5-10 times more polluted than outside air. Indoor air pollutants comprises mostly of microorganisms (about 80%) and given humidity and appropriate room temprature they grow. It is these air borne microorganisms which are mostly the cause of illness and cause of visits to the doctor. Effective air treatment is constantly stressed as the most important step to prevent and control allergies. Molds have proven to cause health problems in sensitive people. Our body recognizes poor air quality and alerts us by making the body unwell.

Gases like Ozone, tobacco smoke, odor and VOC's along with microorganisms like pollen, mold, dander viruses, bacteria, germs etc. contaminate the air. As air passes through Airfree's patented sterilizer ceramic core it considerably reduces gas pollutants and virtually destroys all microorganisms regardless of how small and hazardous they may be making the air cleaner and healthier.

Airfree is considered 'safer' than conventional air purification methods using HEPA filters and Electronic or Plasma type air cleaners.

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