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Is the air inside four walls pollution free?
The air within the four walls of your home or office is no better either. It's the same outside air plus other pollutants like kitchen fumes, deodorant sprays, tobacco smoke, house dust, animal hair etc. Add to these the harmful positive ions discharged by innocent looking TV screen fluorescent lamps, artificial furnishing materials etc. And you have an environment that's 8 to 10 times more polluted than the outside air.

Air conditioners-- do they eliminate indoor pollution?
Conventional filter in the air conditioners trap only pollutants above 10 micron in size while the smaller pollutants still remain in the air. Even worse, air conditioners do not remove stale air in the rooms sealed for air conditioning. Air borne bacteria and viral particles can play further havoc in such a condition. In this environment many of us don't get up fresh in the morning after spending a sleepless night.

Does Pollution affects our work place also ?
In offices, the polluted environment leads to heavy oppressive feeling of the staff who turn listless, suffer from headaches, breathing problems, sore throats and tired eyes. Mental and physical fatigue, lethargy, inefficiency and depression become common features. This is becoming a grave problem as many of us spend more time in our workplace. This leads to "sick building syndrome".

Does pollution cause serious health hazards ?
Breathing polluted air containing microscopic particles such as pollen, dust, virus and bacteria make you sensitive to respiratory allergies and prone to other respiratory problems. And continuos exposure to pollution - outdoor or indoor - may lead to chronic diseases like sinusitis, migraine, asthma, hayfever and even gradual damage to lungs.

What are the perils of passive smoking ?
Recent research shows that the possibility of tobacco smoke causing cancer to non smokers is 5 times. It may also lead to heart disease, bronchitis, pneumonia, respiratory problems and ear infection in children.

What are positive and negative ions?
The constant movement of winds, waves, water and other natural forces generate negative and positive ions which are equally balanced making the air clean and fresh. Negative ions are nature's air cleaners and are beneficial while positive ions are harmful to health. In cities, the air is polluted by exhaust fumes of automobiles and soot, chemicals etc. from industrial chimneys. These pollutants carry positive ions which disturb the natural balance of the air.

What do ions do for us?
What we do know is that negative ions take dust out of the air and cause the dust to be deposited on all surfaces within the enclosure. Some surfaces act as better attractants than other.

Can ozone be dangerous?
Ozone can be dangerous. The EPA, OSHA, UL 867 say that no ozone generator should produce more than 50 ppb of ozone. The Forest Air products match these standards. Too much ozone can cause irritation of the respiratory tract, increase mucus flow, itch eyes, and scratchy sore throat.

What is the difference between dust particles and gas molecules ?
The optimum particle size that negative ions remove from the air is 5 microns. This size is 100,000 times larger than a gas molecule. Can you imagine how many gas molecules can attach to a dust particle? Dust particles soak up gas molecules. Gas molecules cause odors in the air. If negative ions can remove dust the attached gas molecules also are removed.

Why do the emitters glow in the dark?
What you are seeing is a small palsma bubble filled with a high density of negative ions. As soon as the small bubble is generated the circuit that produced the bubble is shut off. Then as quickly the circuit is turned back on and another bubble forms. Since this new bubble and the old one are negatively charged the new bubble pushes the old bubble further out into the room. (Remember like charges repel one another.) This continuous repetitious event is the basis of naming our technology, Pulse Ionization Field.

What is the difference between odors and gases?
Odors come from the gas molecules. If you remove the gas molecules, you remove the odor.

How many negative ions do I need to feel better?
The purpose of ionizers is to restore nature's outside ion concentrations inside. Outside nature has 3000-/5000+ ions per cubic centimeter. Most ionizers don't produce enough negative ions to cross the standard size room. They will treate only a small area of the room around them. Our ionizers by pulsing plasma bubbles produces 4.5 million negative ions per cubic centimeter measured 1 meter from the unit (little over three feet). At a distance of 12-15 feet we achieve nature's balance. If the room merits it, another ionizer can be placed in the space as long as ionizers are 10 feet apart.

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