fight air pollution with
forest air
ortunately you can fight the all pervading air pollution with FOREST AIR range of air purifiers and protect your family from the health hazards due to pollution.

What's an air purifier?
Forest Air is not a mere conventional air purifier. It is an electronic device whose high-electronic corona discharges billions of negative ions. These negative ions charge the polluted particles in the air, which get attracted to each other and form particulate clusters. Gradually becoming heavy, these pollutant clusters settle to the ground leaving the air clean and pure. Pollutants like small dust particles, pollens, bacteria, odours and tobacco smoke present in the air are removed. This is also the way nature continuously cleans the air.

How does Forest Air protect your health ?
Negative ions enhance oxygen absorption by the lungs, improves blood circulation, reduces fatigue and release of stress hormones, increases mental alertness and efficiency. And since air borne pollens causing respiratory allergies are cleansed, the need for medication and its after effects are also reduced. It also helps in improving the efficiency of your body's own protective pollution control system.

Forest Air for your home and office.
Forest Air comes in a range of models. The desktop models you can use in your living room, bedroom or office.

Forest Air wherever you go.
Forest Air has unique personal air purifier model that you can wear on you, so that you get the Forest Air protection wherever you go. In fact, its ideal for those who find the outside air seriously affecting their health. There are other models that you can fix in your car. These reduce fatigue and increase alertness while driving.

Forest Air for institutions.
Forest Air has high-end air purifiers for institutions like commercial organisations, hotels, large offices, computer rooms, banks etc.

Highly prescribed for hospitals.
Forest Air is a must wherever contaminants are likely to cause health hazards. They can be used safely in operation theaters, delivery rooms and infant wards, where highest degree of air purity is a critical requirement. Protects patients, staff and visitors from cross-contamination and spreading of infection.

Light on your purse.
FOREST AIR-AIR PURIFIERS are designed for continuous use. They are easy to install, run and maintain. In fact, they cost very little to run, and there is no recurring cost in the smaller models. What's more, they are noise-free.

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